About US


4Knowledge Inc., a marketing firm based in North Vancouver, specializes in the art of building strong brands and expanding businesses.

Our mission is to provide indispensable marketing support to small and medium-sized enterprises seeking a dependable and trusted partner. Boasting a combined 60 years of expertise in branding, marketing, sales, and corporate management, our team stands ready to assist you in elevating your company to new heights.

Whether you require a fresh brand identity, a revamped website, a strategic social media plan to broaden your reach, or a meticulously crafted business blueprint for securing expansion funds and addressing various entrepreneurial needs, 4Knowledge Inc. is your go-to source. This way, you can concentrate on the other critical facets of your burgeoning enterprise.

Our Senior Team

Kevin Wagner, MBA

Director Marketing

Shana Wagner, MA

Director Business Planning

Abdullah Sarker

Manager Digital Marketing Services

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